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Nursing is a sacred profession. In simple terms, nursing provides care to patients but contemporary definition goes beyond it and encompasses a much broader professional understating that has a powerful and direct bearing on society as a whole. Nursing has come a long way in becoming an advanced profession. One that is grounded in theories, sciences, math’s, biology, and anatomy, and physiology.

The nursing profession is advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations. The profession advocates education, prevention, collaboration, coordination and adheres to a high standard of care. The Lady with the Lamp, Florence Nightingale’s dedication and commitment continue to inspire young nursing students. As already said, as nursing has developed into an advanced discipline and profession, the role of a nurse is constantly changing. These changes are a result of expanding medical and nursing practice, emerging challenges in different aspects of health care, consumer demand, and technological advancements. The creation of more advanced nursing roles adds depth and offers opportunities to make nursing even more exciting. The nurse is diverse in knowledge, thinking, and caring abilities. The nurse is often a technical expert, an educator, a listener, a counselor, a resource person, and someone who uses all senses to provide better health care. He or she is the first person a patient usually sees in the morning and who, during the course of a shift, assists the patient in achieving the best possible outcomes.

The nurse understands the importance of patient-centered care which means that the patient has an active voice in her or his own care. The nurse works with other disciplines, such as physicians or therapists, to ensure the patient gets the best possible care. When a profession is built on values like care, empathy, and a sensitive approach, society as a whole is benefitted from it. As a profession, there are many various types of nursing courses and specialties. There are degrees that range from ANM to Doctorate. In every area of nursing, the primary goal is excellence in health care.


Duration : 3 Years

Total Seats: 30


Duration: 2 Years
Total Seats: 40

BSc Nursing

Duration: 4 Years

Total Seats: 40

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