Mahabir School of Nursing, Ambala

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The society named Mahabir Educational Welfare Society is registered under the Society Act 1860 on 04-12-2002. This society is constituted for the purpose of running, managing, improving and developing of educational institutes, schools, colleges, polytechnics, medicals and engineering college and private university including hostels, research institution without any motive of profit.

Global Competitive Spirit is the trademark of all the technical institutes of the world as Globalisation has indeed arrived on the wings of science & technology and is here to stay. Mahabir Educational Welfare Society has proved the contribution to the society since 2004 in the field of different courses of Nursing and B.Ed education.’ Now, it’s a dream to serve in the field of engineering and technology. The year 2012 is very markable year to start the institution in the name of Mahabir Engineering College (MEC), an AICTE recognized institute and affiliated to Kurushetra University, Kurushetra. Ambala is a premier center in Haryana for excellence has laid its foundation on this base. It believes that the paradigm shift made inescapably imperative by the sweeping changes across the globe came about only through the process of learning feasible through interaction & education. Here more than 600 students are working in different courses in unison with stamina, resistance, skills and foresight towards the cherished ideal of economic development & industrial growth by preparing themselves to face challenges to the utmost. Learning here is a potent amalgamation of capabilities of intellect & the power of soul, which aids students to toil and explore the values of fairness, objectivity, compassion, team working, commitment and super ordination. They are tuned to the needs & demands of business and industry not only through the state of art inputs but also through carefully designed co-curricular programmes. The aim is to produce sound technocrats and individuals. From a humble start in 2012, the institute stands in all its glory on the manifold thresholds of success.


Duration : 3 Years 

Total Seats  : 40


Duration : 2 Years 

Total Seats  : 40

BSc Nursing 

Duration : 4 Years 

Total Seats  : 40

BSc Nursing Post-Basic 

Duration: 2 Years 

Total Seats: 40

MSc Nursing 

Duration : 2 Years 

Total Seats: 40

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