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Welcome to Jai Mata College of Education has a very much qualified and experienced workforce. The instructors effectively coordinate their field encounters, examine results and distributions in their regular showing bringing before the understudy a functioning amalgamation of insightful endeavor with care and thought that frequently goes past the study hall. 

To present any conceivable improvement in the arrangement of instruction in its organizations every once in a while. 

To attempt and do any progression determined to advance the reason for instruction. 

To advance instructive, social and welfare exercises and to procure property and structures for advancement of the goals expressed previously. 

Greater part of the establishing individuals strived hard with a minister energy. They began meeting individuals and clarified the loadable thoughts of the association, and enrolled the help of an enormous number of individuals. Companions and relatives participate and the quantity of life individuals accordingly expanded. 

Educating and non-training staffs were selected. The research centers were built up. The College building has been obtained and all the consideration has been embraced to improve the College. It was ensured that the nature of instructive guidance is kept up at the most elevated conceivable level. 

The overseeing council is aiding the effective release of obligations. The buy advisory group is accountable for obtaining essential gear and different offices.


Duration: 3 Years

Seats: 40 


Duration: 2 Years

Seats: 40 


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